Get fit with our mobile personal trainers in Hampton and Molesey

Here at Arbrook PT, we will match you with the perfect mobile personal trainer in Hampton or Molesey, who will help you reach your fitness goals. From cardio, HIIT and toning in the local park, through to yoga and Pilates training in the comfort of your own home, our specialised team of highly qualified trainers will make it possible for you to train, no matter what time constraints you are up against.

The benefits of excercise

We know that time is precious and this is why we come to you at a convenient place – your home, office, local green space – at a time that works for you! We will also give you the knowledge and motivation to succeed. Whether you’re looking to burn fat, tone up, build muscle, get fitter, train for an event or get back into exercise after an injury, we will deliver sustainable and life-changing results. Personal training also has many mental health benefits – read out blog about regular exercise reducing stress.

We take time to meet with you, understand your schedule and your goals and develop a personalised training plan that works for you.

Male and female personal trainers for all fitness abilities!

In our experience many people lack the time and energy to go to the gym regularly. With this is mind, we have created a flexible and versatile solution! Our male or female personal trainers can come and train you in the comfort of your own home – or at another location that is convenient for you. All sessions last for around 50 to 60 minutes and trainers will bring all the relevant training equipment with them to make you work hard and help you achieve your aims. We always believe fitness should be fun and not a punishment, which is what sessions are creative and enjoyable.

All our training programmes combine the best exercise, nutrition and lifestyle guidance, with every plan tailored to your exact needs.

Home yoga and Pilates instruction

Whether you are trying yoga or Pilates for the very time or are an experienced regular, Arbrook PT can provide personal instruction. This is the most effective way to learn and ensure personal progression, so you can learn the correct techniques and postures for your body type and avoid any injuries. We can create a programme that also looks at alleviating health issues, so whether you want to improve your flexibility, sleep better or alleviate backache, yoga or Pilates can help.

We offer the following:

1-2-1 personal training: Nothing will help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals quicker than working regularly with one of our male or female personal trainers. We design fully personalised, progressive and fun programmes based on your lifestyle, ability and goals.

Small group personal training: Our group personal training for no more than three people is a great way of increasing motivation and boosting confidence but also an ideal way of sharing the cost of a personal trainer. Even if you have slightly different levels of ability, our trainers are experienced at developing programmes that suit individuals.

Pilates and yoga: We have personal trainers who are highly qualified in yoga and Pilates and can come to your home to your home and offer private instruction. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, they cater for all abilities and levels and give you optimal attention so you can progress.

Outdoors classes: From April to October, we run a series of fun and motivating outdoor group fitness classes in nearby Claygate and Esher Green.

Massage: We also offer massage therapy in the comfort of your own home. Treatments include a sports back and neck massage, deep tissue sports leg massage and sports legs, back and neck massages. These are ideal before or after big sporting events, you’re your muscles need some attention!

Nutritional consultations: A good diet is essential to any healthy lifestyle and if you want to lose weight, you will only see results when exercise and good nutrition come together. Arbrook PT works with Sarah Brown, a highly qualified nutritionist who can create personalised clean eating lifestyle plans for all our clients.

Would you like to make some change to your life? To find out more, please book a free, no-obligation consultation, by calling us on 07814 638 755.




Tailor made sessions specifically for you. offering a very personalized service.


Similar to the individual sessions but they are conducted in small groups of 2 to 4 people.


A no obligation opportunity to meet a trainer and discuss your goals/needs/requirements.


We have an ever-growing range of resources available to help you achieve your goals

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