About Us

Arbrook PT is proud to be one of the leading professional personal training services based in Surrey.  We take the hassle out of finding a suitable Personal Trainer, all you need to do is complete our online enquiry form, then we find you our most suitable PT in your local area. They will contact you directly to book your free initial consultation.

Why choose Arbrook PT?

Arbrook PT can help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals through structured exercise and a healthy lifestyle plan. Our aim is to re-educate our client’s lifestyle choices so the goals they achieve are sustainable on a long-term basis.

Arbrook PT’s trainers can train you anywhere at any time at your convenience. We currently cover most of the Surrey towns and we bring exercise and the necessary equipment to you, we can come to your home at 7am to train you before work, we can come to your work and train you in your lunch break or we can meet you after a hard days work at home or in the local park.

Tailor-made training programmes.

For Mums and Dads, using Arbrook PT eliminates the stress and cost of sourcing childcare while you go to the gym. Our baby/toddler friendly trainers are well practiced at training parents while their little bundles of joy watch or roll around the floor. We even have some exercises where they can join in.

We pride ourselves on delivering encouragement, support, and guidance on your fitness journey. Whether you are starting from scratch, post-natal, preparing for a big occasion, building strength/muscle, or learning to run any distance, we can help.

Free exercise programs and eating plans are available on our resources page