ACL tear

ACL Surgery and ACL Rehab

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ACL Surgery and ACL Rehab.

When they repair your ACL they take a section of your hamstring tendon from just below your knee and use that to replace your torn ACL.  When I came round in recovery I was not in too much pain from my knee but the back of my leg hurt a lot, this pain was from where they had taken the hamstring tendon. On a pain scale of 1 – 10, I was on a 7/8 but after a few doses of morphine the pain did eased off.

I was discharge from hospital later that day, I was back on crutches, I was given a bag of prescription pain killers and instructed to Ice. My knee is a bandage and I had dressing underneath, I was not in a brace and it was weight bearing. I spent the 1st week with the leg elevated and icing it regularly.

The recovery..

2nd week post operation – I was able to hobble around the house without crutches but needed them for any further distances. The pain was a lot less but my hamstring still felt damaged. I was doing very gentle exercises to try and get the quads firing and trying to straight the leg as much as possible. I was now experiencing most of the pain in my calf muscle and most of the bruising was there and in my foot.

3rd week post operation – Off crutches but walking with a limp and cannot walk for any distance. I’m now doing exercises as instructed by the Physiotherapist. This involves wall squats, trying to straighten the leg and lots of stretching for the calf muscle and hamstrings. Calf muscle is still sore but not as bad as it was.

4th week post operations – I’m cycling on a static bike! I’m now adding step ups, calf raises, and bridges and standing squats to the exercises. I walk better and not in any real pain. The Hamstring and calf muscle feel much better.  I am getting occasional crap in my quads when I’m doing the exercises but this is due to muscle weakness.

5th Week – The same as the above but now cycling for 30 mins at a time. I’m also working on my core. I’m also incorporation one leg balance exercises. I can now fully straighten the knee, still working on flexion.

8th Week – Still working on Single leg balance and strength but the knee is feeling great! In 3/4 weeks’ time and I might be allowed to run on the treadmill. I’m back to exercising about 5 times a week which makes me feel better…

12th Week – I’m now on the treadmill. Only slow jogging for 5 mins at a time but it’s a start. I’m also trying to stand from a sitting position using only the weak leg. It’s very hard and I need a bit of assistance but I’ll keep at it.

5 months– Running regularly but still feel the weakness in my hamstring so working hard on building up the strength in that muscle.

6 – 7 months – I’m back at hockey training but not playing matches and focusing on hill sprints, still feeling a weakness when I sprint in my hamstring the knee its self feels fine. It swells a little after training but no pain.

8 – 9 months – I’m now playing hockey again but my speed and fitness is not what it used to be..  Going skiing next week so life is back to normal!

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Knee Injuries – Meniscus tear, knee surgery and rehab

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I first hurt my knee playing hockey, I went to move around a player, my foot planted but did not pivot so my knee twisted. There was a loud click and a lot of pain which was initially on the outside of my knee and then moved around the back of my knee and then the inside.  It was however weight bearing and not too swollen. The next day I got it checked out and they said no real damage just a strain, ‘you will be back to normal in 3-4 weeks’ the hospital said. They were largely correct, every day it felt better and better and I was back to running but not back to hockey.

Three weeks after the initial twist I slipped on a wood floor, I did not fall but I did have my weight on the weaker knee as I wobble to stay upright. This time the pain was everywhere, the noise was awful and I would not weight bear on it at all.  I was taken to A&E and see by a Physiotherapist who quite frankly fobbed me off. She said my knee was strained again, I have probably bruised my meniscus but I just need to rest up for 8 weeks. She did however refer me for further Physiotherapy but not for an MRI.

Four weeks later I’m still limping, I can’t straighten my leg and I have to take pain killers every day and night.  My physiotherapist then concedes I do need the MRI,  I go to my GP to join the MRI waiting list via the NHS. I said I would be happy to take a cancelation at the last minute day or night and amazingly I had my MRI within 4 days of the referral. I also then got  a appointment with a knee specialist for 2 weeks later so things were moving forward at last.

Two weeks later I have my MRI results sent to the specialist and I’m still in his appointment room. The news was not good, I had a bucket tear to my meniscus which is folded in my knee joint and damage to my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). I also have a baker’s cyst due to swelling and bad bruising to the bone.  I was shocked at the news, especially about the cruciate ligament. No one had mentioned the ACL, in all of the knee assessments I had there was suspected damage to the Medial Collateral ligament (MCL)  but not once was my ACL mentioned.  Furthermore the ACL does not have a blood supply so would not heel without surgery.

The knee consultant was great, he said i would need to do a meniscectomy (meniscus surgery to remove the torn part) and while he was in the knee he would look at my ACL to see how damaged it was and then decide if I needed a reconstruction of the ACL. If I did need the reconstruction, that would then be done at a later date to allow the leg to regain some strength before a 2nd operation.

I’m now 2 days post 1st operation which was the repair to the meniscus and my knee feels the best it’s felt for weeks. I’m also in less pain and discomfort and I’m walking better.  I’m actually feeling the most positive I’ve felt about my knee since I twisted it 12 weeks ago. I will find out next week if I need the second operation.

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